why i fight

i found a stone and i kept it in the palm of my hand
for days, there
was unexpected snow
an RV had jackknifed on the only road out
i once knew a thin boy who laughed
he drove 40,000 miles in a painted RV

the world is cruel sometimes

i heard his voice today.  it
tilted, i tilted, it
fell apart i
twirl and freeze on the top of a mountain at midnight, stars
brighter than i’ve ever seen them,
air thin but i want to stay and stare forever, do you

love the world? i do.

truck making grey smoke, the sky filling with exhaust
anger exploding out of me, energy
i ran through the echoing parking lot at 6 in the morning
i was told i would freeze and the wind blew on
my bare legs but
i wanted to feel alive,
it made me feel alive

i loved the world because he couldn’t

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