Utah Youth Environmental Summit

Mishka Banuri, an iMatter youth leader from Salt Lake City, Utah, organized the Utah Youth Environmental Summit with two other Utah-based youth leaders. She is a junior at West High School. In the below picture, Mishka is on the far left.


In January, the two youth leaders pictured above, Piper and Libby, introduced a resolution in the Utah State Capitol in response to a bill that stated the climate crisis was not caused by humans.

In April, they decided to congregate youth in Utah to make actual change happen to mitigate the climate crisis.

On September 15, at the Utah Youth Environmental Summit, youth leaders gathered and discussed environmental issues specific to Utah they should be working on and different methods of action.

They have launched the Utah Youth Environmental Solutions Council for youth in high school who will engage in educating their peers, advocating for pro-environmental legislation at the State Capitol, and planning public campaigns.

One campaign they are currently working on is for Utah Trust Lands:

Utah Trust Lands have long been used for the development and fossil fuel extraction by the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA), with the reasoning that “they are helping the students”. In 2013, data shows that only about 2.3% of their revenue is received by Utah public schools, and only contributes 1% of the total education budget for Utah. SITLA’s decisions continually contribute to Climate Change, which ruins students rights to clean air, water, and stable climate. As Utah students and the inheritors of this beautiful state, we resolve that SITLA should transition from using our trust lands for extracting industries to more renewable industries. We feel that this transition could sustain the financial support of our schools while avoiding the jeopardization of our air, land, water and climate. 


Mishka started in the program in a cohort and has now joined the national team as a Facilitator. She is organizing her own cohort and working primarily in Utah. If you want to start working with Mishka in Utah, sign up here. Welcome Mishka – we are so excited and lucky to be working with you!

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