St. Louis Park High School, Roots and Shoots Team

Youth leaders across the U.S. and Canada are coming together to grade how well their communities are doing at reducing greenhouse gas emissions to the levels needed to end the climate crisis. The Youth Climate Report Card sets a target of reaching net zero human emissions by 2040, and grades on actual data. Check out this city’s grade below!

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quote-openiMatter is an organization of youth and adults who are all passionate about the same issue of climate change, who all recognize the power the youth voice has to inspire other people about the issue and inspire them to get involved too.quote-close


  • On November 14, iMatter youth leaders from Urbana High School, University Laboratory High School, and the University of Illinois came together at the Urbana Committee of the Whole Meeting last night to present the Youth Climate Report Card for the city of Urbana. The youth......

  • Rebecca Laurent is iMatter’s Chief Insight Officer from Edwardsville, Illinois. She is a junior at the University of Illinois where she studies Political Science and Environmental Science. Rebecca is the espresso shot of greatness that we all need approximately twice a day. Who She Is......

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