The Moral Call to Climate Action

Written by Anna Aguto | 

We have one Earth, one that is beautiful and can provide to our human needs. We have an Earth that we should take care of because it is our responsibility. As the Earth’s major polluters, it is necessary to maintain a space that is livable for future generations whether that be plants or animals.

Why does this relate to morality?

We are taught to take care of the poor, sick, hungry, elderly, and children from the very beginning of our lives. Part of that group should be future generations because how could we take care of any of those groups if there isn’t a place to live? As a Catholic, I firmly believe that in my faith is where I find the most assurance of why climate change should be acted on now. We are called to be stewards of the Earth. Not in a way where we can dominate but where we can take care of the creation that has been gifted to us. These values should be instilled in us as children. I think it should be common knowledge, something shared among children as a part of their values.

With my brother and dad, I am working on getting education about climate change into Catholic schools. I attended Catholic school for the entirety of my elementary years. The rare times we did talk about climate change, the conversation was vague, not putting a definite label on what it was or relating it at all to our morals. Teachers were afraid they might cross a line or make climate skeptics mad, but climate change shouldn’t be a political party discussion. We need to make the connection that our causing climate change is morally wrong and it isn’t a “tree hugger’s” job to stop it; it’s all our jobs as inhabitants of the Earth.

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