Open Letter to Fellow Youth…Send 1000 Letters to the President

Written by Cameron Fox, age 12, Oregon | 

Our future is at stake. If we do not take action now, Earth will change in ways no one deserves to live in. Everyone knows about climate change, but unfortunately a large portion of us continue to live the unsustainable consumer lifestyle, burning fossil fuels right and left as if we could keep this up till the end of time. Yet even with the disaster we face, there is hope. Unfortunately even that is fading from all the deniers.

If you still fail to see the reality of climate change, then review some of the freaky weather of the year. In many lakes, the water was so scalding hot that fish died and clogged dams because of it. Heat waves swept across the nation hand in hand with unbelievable fires almost impossible to put out. This summer, Earth and Hell traded
places. Soon it will be a permanent fixation if we do not do our part here in America.

The U.S. is currently one of the most influential countries in the world. If we start by taking action, in the states, others will soon follow suit. That is the way of the people. Protests and marches do rile humans up to some extent, but do not create an everlasting effect. Books and letters may provoke change, but only if there is an
affluent amount on similar subjects. They also must be concise, well written and to the point. Say that a thousand or more such letters were sent to Obama, all on the subject of global warming, all from youth; and then perhaps he may take action and stop approving arctic drilling, fracking, and coal mining right and left. Rather, we need him to continue channeling money towards solar projects, wind farms and other sustainable energy sources.

We, the youth of the nation cannot vote for protective bills towards environmental assets, but we can write. If you want to help in saving this planet from the worst threat since humans, do your part and send a letter to Obama. Submit it here so a group of youth will give it to the President. Tell it to your friends, family, close acquaintances, anybody you want to. Tell your teachers too so they may be able to make an assignment out of it. We may still have hope in preventing our world from becoming one of H.G. Well’s proportions.

In science fiction novels such as 1984, Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451, it is either a dystopia from the ignorance of people, or the powerful and mercilessness cruelness of the government. Bradbury, Orwell and Huxley could have never dreamed of global warming because it is so unbelievable. Now it is here and soon we will be living in a sci-fi novel more painful and worrying than anything H.G. Wells could cook up. Yet there is still some opportunity left. We the People need to take action in as many ways as we can. Sending a letter would only be a step, but for now let us focus on that and send one thousand to Obama.

Cam Fox, 12

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