Meet a Facilitator: Sophie Boerboom

Sophie Boerboom is a 20 year-old powerhouse from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She currently goes to Claremont McKenna College in southern California and is in her sophomore year. She is best known by her friends and the iMatter family as being our midwestern mother bear.

Who She Is

The most important fun fact that someone who doesn’t know her should know about her is she can quote entire scenes from the show Parks and Recreation without skipping a beat. And much like Leslie Knope, she has an unhealthy obsession with waffles. And much like Tom Haverford, she believes that you should always treat yo self.

She is a science nerd who spends her week nights studying organic chemistry and her Sunday mornings walking to the farmer’s market to buy a bouquet of sunflowers and fresh goat cheese. Her personality can perhaps be best understood by looking at the stickers on her laptop — a bouquet of sunflowers, a sea turtle, Yosemite valley, a black cat, a black bear, and a teal dot sticker to show she’s been trained in bystander intervention to prevent sexual violence on college campuses. She is fiercely passionate about the people, places, and creatures on this planet.

What She Does Now in iMatter

Sophie is a facilitator for our second national US-based cohort. She works with young people from Austin, Texas to San Rafael, California and is still accepting more youth in her cohort! (If you’re interested in joining a cohort and working with Sophie, you should sign up here.) She leads the cohort and supports each individual in creating local climate change initiatives.

How She Joined iMatter

Sophie joined iMatter this summer in Minneapolis, where so many of our wonderful staff are based, as an intern working on developing our new program. She researched emotional intelligence activities to help develop the personal growth of the youth leaders in our programs, like different check-in activities and interpersonal relationship building. She researched the agile project management style to use in the way we do check-ins and one-to-ones in the cohorts. She is an awesome human being who researched and helped create the foundation of so much of the work we do now.

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