Meet a Facilitator: Rebecca Laurent

Rebecca Laurent is iMatter’s Chief Insight Officer from Edwardsville, Illinois. She is a junior at the University of Illinois where she studies Political Science and Environmental Science. Rebecca is the espresso shot of greatness that we all need approximately twice a day.

Who She Is

Rebecca is a world-renowned (or at least iMatter-renowned) rapper, drawing inspiration from her love for the planet. She creates all of iMatter’s raps but is generally secretive about her ability to rhyme until it’s time for a climate march.

She is also a self-described cheese enthusiast and dog mom. Her favorite type of cheese is goat cheese but gouda is a close second. Her ideal weekend consists of seeing her dog, a black lab named Jack, while eating copious amounts of cheese.

Her dorm room is also indicative of who she is as a human. She has a banner of corgis – yes, corgis – hanging up on her wall and about 12 plants around her room. Impressive fun fact about Rebecca: One day, she was walking around her school’s arboretum and found a piece of a cactus. She brought it back to her room and planted it. It grew up without roots and is proudly sitting with her other 11 plants.

What She Does Now in iMatter

Rebecca is a facilitator for the first US-based cohort. She leads the cohort and has supported so many amazing youth leaders in making changes in their communities. Mishka, for example, was in her cohort, helpedĀ organize the Utah Youth Environmental Summit and is now an iMatter facilitator! If you want to do awesome things like that in your community, sign up here.

How She Joined iMatter

Rebecca joined iMatter in January of 2015 and led in the youth council. When she first joined, she worked as a regional organizer, supporting iMatter campaigns across the country. She worked on the creation of the present-day core team and is now working as a facilitator. So much of the foundational work we do now couldn’t have been possible without Rebecca’s contributions.

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