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Last year the city-focused iMatterNow campaign was mostly a big idea. Now it’s a proven strategy. The progress of iMatter’s youth leaders in cities across the United States is creating a movement with increasing impact.

With the recent election, iMatter’s local, youth-led, grassroots work is even more important. If you can, please financially support these young people, and join our growing donor base to help iMatter increase capacity. We have a match in place through December 31st, so any gift you make will be doubled.


More are realizing the power of iMatter’s work. We are proud to announce:

  • The McKnight Foundation awarded iMatter a $50,000 grant in September to expand the iMatterNow campaign in the upper Midwest.
  • Patagonia awarded iMatter a $3,000 grant in October.

McKnight Patagonia


To support the growing number of youth leaders, our budget is increasing by over 50% in 2017. We need to raise $20,000 by the end of the year from individual donors.

Note from Maddie Adkins, iMatter Youth Leader, Portland, OR

I don’t like to talk much about the future, because it terrifies me. Because I fear that the world in which I will be an adult will be increasingly unsuitable to life. Will I grow up to see a world filled with heat waves, droughts, food insecurity, floods, severe storms, oceans that have risen up to consume entire coastlines? Will I be able to pursue my dreams, or will I be too busy wondering if my water is clean, or if my air is safe to breathe? Will I ever see a coral reef, a rainforest, a glacier? By the time I get out into the world, will all the wilderness and beauty that is left, be gone?

This is unfair, infuriating, immobilizing.

And to add to all that, we just elected a president who does not believe in climate change.

This is why I’m so grateful to be a part of iMatter: a movement of youth, like me, from across the nation, working in our local communities to relentlessly, fearlessly, and unapologetically tell the truth about the risks we’re facing. A community where I have discovered I am powerful enough, and strong enough to take action against the climate crisis. A space where I have learned to honor that which makes me different.

When you give to iMatter, you are directly supporting the safe space that we as young people so desperately need in such uncertain times: a space to connect as friends and collaborate as activists, a space from which we can draw hope to carry us forward as we become leaders in our communities, leaders in designing a future that we can believe in.

        Left to right: Hallie, Maddie, Alec, Victoria, Becky

We simply can’t slow down progress on the climate crisis; we have to keep driving forward. But accelerating progress must begin at the local level, building unstoppable grassroots support for action.

iMatter has shown that local youth-led action on the climate crisis works. We now have active youth in 17 U.S states and 2 Canadian provinces (see map below), and have grown from 15 to 50 involved youth leaders (often with teams behind them).


Here are two examples:

St. Louis Park, MN: Students Presented Climate Report Card to City Council in March

  • The City Council passed a Climate Inheritance Resolution in May, and has hired a consultant to help develop a Climate Action Plan to reach net zero emissions by 2040.
  • Youth team received a Green Schools award, in Boston; presented at the MN State Fair; and led a workshop at the Adirondack Youth Climate Summit in New York this November.

Ventura, CA: Students Presented Climate Report Card to City Council in April

  • 6 students from a single high school presented the Report Card; the City Council is considering a Climate Inheritance Resolution, but in the meantime, the youth movement has grown to more than 60 youth leaders, from all four Ventura public high schools
  • The team is setting up meetings with individual City Council members, and planning a city-wide youth march to increase pressure on the City Council to adopt a Resolution.

iMatter is truly unique. Youth are at the center of everything we do.

And now, more than ever, action on climate change matters. Please consider iMatter for your year-end giving, and take advantage of our matching funds through December 31st.


Larry Kraft, Executive Director and Chief Mentor


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