iMatter’s Statement on the President’s Decision to Withdraw from Paris Agreement

Today our President has announced that he will be pulling the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement.

We want to extend a sincere thank you to those of you who have been with us, fighting this all-important fight, day after day.

And we want to say that we understand the exhaustion and exasperation that you are feeling today. That we are here with you, throwing up our arms in anger and despair. That we are here with you, questioning whether or not we can still win this fight. That we are here with you, asking ourselves whether fighting is still worth it.

As young activists, we’ve had to grow up too fast. We’ve had to take on the weight of the world at a very young age, and fight with all our power just to have our lives and futures be recognized and considered. We’ve accepted that for the majority of our lives, we will always be fighting.

But how can we accept that this will be the life that generations that come after us will also have to bear? How can we accept that young people will continue to be born into a world that does not consider their lives to be half as valuable as short-term interests?

By pulling out of the Paris Agreement today, the President has shown a lack of compassion and understanding for the lives of those who will inherit this earth long after he is gone.

We do not have to sit back while our President continues to ignore our voices. We do not have to resign ourselves to simply signing petitions and waiting for someone else to take action – the choice to act is ours.

If you want to take action with us, start your own campaign and we will follow up with you directly.

You’re not alone, but it’s time for us to move. The world can’t wait.

  • Ruthann Duncan
    Posted at 23:34h, 01 June

    Keep it up kids. The world is waiting for you.

  • Harriet
    Posted at 07:12h, 02 June

    Your voices are SO important…and as parents, grandparents and elders, we will stand beside, in front and behind you all the way..where needed and when needed. Trump does NOT represent America..Keep going, keep speaking out…