Husdon, OH Youth Activists to Present Climate Report Card

Youth from Hudson Middle School and Old Trail School will deliver Climate Report Card to Hudson City Council on 12/5/17

Students Call for Immediate Action to Protect their Future From the Impacts of Climate Change

Youth from the iMatter organization have evaluated Hudson with the Youth Climate Report Card and are set to present the results to Hudson City Council on 12/5/17. The Report Card is a science-based tool developed by iMatter that measures how well a city is doing at reducing greenhouse gas emissions to the levels needed to protect the youngest generation from the worst effects of the climate crisis. iMatter is an organization of youth from across the country, who are worried about their future and tired of waiting for older generations to stop arguing and start doing their part to end the climate crisis.
What: Presentation of the Youth Climate Report Card.

Who: Ela Mody and Cece Bird, young climate activists

When: 7:30 on December 5, 2017

Where: Hudson City Hall

Why: Report cards are how kids are held accountable for their education. Youth from Old Trail and Hudson Middle School will use the Climate Report Card to hold Hudson accountable for doing its part to end the climate crisis.

For more information, contact Cece Bird at 330-608-1895, or

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