Dear Youth Activist

Dear Youth Activist,

Whoever you are, wherever you may be, whether you even consider yourself an activist, I am writing this to tell you that you are not alone.

When it seems like the world won’t listen to you because you’re a kid, you are not alone.

When your friends would rather play spin the bottle than go to that climate rally, you are not alone.

When you spend your entire weekend working to destroy the denial of climate change, you are not alone.

When you can’t do anything because all you can think about is the fact that we are killing our planet and everything on it, you are not alone.

When people are intimidated by you because you lectured them on using a plastic water bottle the first time you met them, you are not alone.

When you miss family gatherings, or meetings with friends because you have a meeting to save the world, you are not alone.

When you feel like everything in life is trivial because what does it all matter anyways if the world’s just going to end and we’re going to die, you are not alone.

When it feels like you are alone, and like no one cares, there are others feeling the same way.

When you feel like your voice is not heard, it is entering into the chasm of voices merging together to create a powerful message to the world that we need to change.

When your pile of homework is higher than your height, but you choose to take work on your latest project to save the world, you are doing yourself and everyone else a favour.

When you fail, you only become stronger.

When you have uncomfortable conversations with people who deny climate change, you are creating one less ignorant citizen in this world.

When you have to spend a day binge-watching netflix because you can’t face the world and its problems, you are taking care of yourself.

When you miss class for conferences, you are doing more important work.

When your teachers get mad at you because you didn’t do your homework because you were too busy, remember that you can’t do everything.

When you feel threatened by the younger mini-you who is joining the activist world in leaps and bounds, remember that you are amazing.

When you feel like you’re not doing enough to save the planet, remember that it is not a competition.

When you feel like you’re never going to get through to anyone, remember that someone got through to you.

When you feel sad, eat fair trade organic chocolate.

When you legitimately feel sad, remember that I am here for you. That the world of activists are here for you. We are a family, we support each other and support the work that everyone does. We know that we are stronger together than apart, and together is the only way that we have any chance at all.

You are not alone.

We are not alone.

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