Youngest Generation to Ruling Generation:

Stand Up for Us. 

Youth Leaders Educate Congress:  Our future is at stake!

iMatter Youth Council members use all their constitutional
rights to get their government to listen:  "We have a right to
a livable planet."

There is no way that fossil fuel companies are going to voluntarily make changes to drill less oil, stop building pipelines and blowing up mountains. They're pretty interested in keeping the status quo, That's the main reason there is so little happening from the government to protect the atmosphere for our future. 

Resistance and denial is fierce. The hard science hasn’t convinced them, and money continues to have more power than morality. But, there is one thing we have in common. Congress people are…people.


People with kids and grandkids who would do just about anything to guarantee they have a safe and sustainable future.  Our job is to make the connection between the youngest generation, the reality of climate crisis, and the need for change.

The climate crisis is the greatest challenge of history, and it affects the youngest generation most. Young people are major stakeholders in this issue, yet they have no political power, no vote, and their voices are not considered in most dialogues about their future. The iMatter Youth Council changes that.

In May, a team of eight iMatter Youth Council leaders met with dozens of members of Congress to encourage courageous action on the climate crisis.  The Congressional Progressive Caucus endorsed our platform and made a public statement that they would stand with the youth of this country, rather than oil companies

With gratitude to our friends at PDA, who arranged the meetings with Congresspeople and Senators in Washington DC.  iMatter partners with PDA to connect youth with policymakers and decisionmakers.


What You Can Do


Join the iMatter Youth Council

and be the voice for future generations
Your voice needs to be heard. Your story needs to be told in your community, to leaders, and government officials. Politicians are people too! They have kids and grandkids and there are not many things more powerful than an intelligent, informed, passionate youth advocating for their own future.  That's what it means to be a "moral authority."

Last Spring, with help from our friends and partners at Progressive Democrats of America, iMatter brought seven of our young people to the Hill to talk about climate change.  Altogether, these young people aged 12-18 met with the Congressional Progressive Caucus and 16 different Senators and Representatives to get their support for an initiative to protect the atmosphere for their future.   You could be there next year!


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Advocate for an

National Climate Summit 2013

We Need a Local and National Climate Recovery Plans for our Future

Together with partners in D.C., we are calling the President to stand by his words, “We want our children to live in a world without the destructive power of a warming planet.”

Our voices need to be heard. The voices of youth, people of color, of faith groups, of farmers, and others with a moral call to action need to be heard. We invite the President and his cabinet to attend a Summit to hear our collective voices, listen to scientists, and commit to a comprehensive climate recovery plan to secure our future.

More About the Summit

Summit Partners:


Awaken Your Inner Slactivist.

Petitions may not save the world.  But it's a way to make a difference.  Sign any or all of our petitions and forward them to your friends.   This is slactivism at its finest.

Many of the iMatter Youth Council members have started petitions to raise support and awareness about the climate crisis.  You can do it too!

Forget about all the politics of "reducing emissions by 20% less than 1992" and all that wonky talk.  What our planet needs is NO MORE FOSSIL FUELS.  We need to begin to transition NOW to renewable energy.

Germany will be 100% Renewable energy by 2020.  THAT's what we want.  THAT's what our planet needs.  6%/year reduction.  Ok.  But the GOAL is Fossil FREE.  

Declare YOUR independence from Fossil Fuels.
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