Our Stories Matter 

Our stories are not unique.   We are just the storytellers.  We live in the cities, the suburbs, the first nation villages of this country.  Our lives are impacted NOW by the climate crisis and we are standing up for our right to a livable planet.  In the courts.  In the streets.  In our homes, schools, and communities.  In the offices of our leaders.  We are the youngest generation.  Your story matters too.  Upload Yours.

Young Leaders Hold the Key to a Sustainable and Just Society
We have the power to shift the mindsets of everyone on this planet.  Nothing less will make a difference. Together we are suing the government to protect the atmosphere as a public trust for our future, we organize marches in our streets, we confront our politicians, we educate our peers with powerful multi-media presentations, we start projects in our schools and communities to change the way we treat our planet.  We're just young people who know our voices and our actions matter.   
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1.  People don't actually change their lives just because they know the facts.

2.  People don't change unless an issue personally affects them. 

​3.  Our minds do not like random facts so they create stories to make sense of otherwise random events.  We naturally connect the dots through stories.  

4.  Stories can change worldviews, win hearts, break through to minds and move past built-in resistance to change.

5. Change will come when enough of us are awakened to the reality that our stories and our actions MATTER and we can make the climate crisis a personal, real issue for those who love us.   



Why Tell Stories?



We are the key to the shift that's needed.  A shift to a new way of thinking and living, so that we value nature and future generations more than profits, power, and convenience.

   - Alec Loorz, age 16