kelsey juliana

16 years old, Oregon Plaintiff

"Life in Oregon would not be the same without its natural beauty, recreation activities, its diverse animals and sea life. My state needs to protect these resources for my future and for future generations."                              

Ever since I can remember, I have loved spending time in Oregon’s
diverse forests with my family. I love the gigantic trees, wildflowers, animals, moss, and flowing streams that make up our lush old growth forests. The Three Sisters mountain range, Goodman Creek, and Mt. Pisgah are some of my family’s favorite hiking places, and backpacking in Oregon’s mountains is a favorite summer activity of ours. However I fear that if we do nothing to address climate change, these beautiful places will not be as
vibrant and healthy. I have seen changes to these ecosystems from drought, erosion, and rising temperatures.”

​I also love the wonders of the Oregon coast; running on the beach, looking for plants and sea creatures in tide pools, playing in the waves with my dogs, and dining on halibut and clam chowder at local restaurants. But the impacts of climate change are resulting in beach and shoreline erosion, rising sea levels, and rising oceanic temperatures which is causing harmful impacts on fisheries and sea life.


My Concerns:

Species extinction
Rising sea levels
Warming oceans
Forest clear-cutting
Decreased snow pack

Life in Oregon would not be the same without its vibrant natural beauty, recreational activities, diverse animal and sea life, and healthy ecosystems. My state needs to protect these resources for mine and future generations.

My name is Kelsey Cascadia Rose Juliana, I am 16 years old, and I matter.





My Story Matters. Watch

my video and tell your story.

My story is about the life I live with my family in Eugene, Oregon. I have always been connected to Oregon’s natural world. I was born in a 1-room cabin in Fall Creek amidst the old growth trees of the Cascades, and named after the crystal-clear Kelsey Creek that flows out of an ancient forest grove. I care deeply about preserving the wild in Oregon, and standing up for the rights of my generation to a sustainable planet.


You can screen Kelsey’s video in your own community to start a discussion on climate change, and the impacts on ecosystems and coastlines. Using the screening guide below, and other resources, your community can become more aware of the climate crisis. And do something about it.

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I took legal action to protect the atmosphere in Oregon.

Take action in your state.
This is a picture of me with fellow plaintiffs, Nelson Kanuk and John Thiebes, who are suing their states in Alaska and Montana. Together with other youth plaintiffs across the U.S., we are asking the courts to declare that the atmosphere is part of the Public Trust, and therefore our governments have an obligation to protect it. 

My lawsuit was dismissed, but we are appealing this decision and asking the Court of Appeals to send the case straight on to the Oregon Supreme Court.  

Update Blog on Oregon

by Kelsey Juliana, 16, Oregon Plaintiff​

My lawsuit was dismissed, but we are appealing this decision and asking the Court of Appeals to send the case straight on to the Oregon Supreme Court through a rare certification process.  


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I researched the issues in my state and took action.

Take action in your state.

I wanted to find out how my state is being affected by climate change. I found that Oregon’s ecosystems are incredibly diverse, and each ecosystem requires certain inhabitants and resources to thrive. Our mountains need wolves, our forests need spotted owls, and our rivers need salmon. Sadly, all of these animals are endangered and climate change is increasing their risk of extinction. The United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change states that 20-30% of the world’s animals and plants are at an increased rate of extinction, and species are going extinct every day.


Even though the predictions are scary, I know that I have the power to make the change I want to see, and empower others to join me. That’s why I’ve started a Green Club with my friend at our school, I help trained other students to become climate activists at the Sierra Student Coalition’s annual training camp, and I help organize marches with iMatter.


I am leading a MARCH for our future in Eugene!

Organize Your Own March in Your Community! April 20, 2013. Be there!
I organized and led an iMatter March in Eugene in 2011 to bring awareness to the critical issue of climate change. Throughout history, marching and united nonviolent direct action has led to political and social change. One of the ways we can get our leaders to listen to us is to create a mass movement.

If we all get out of our own heads and houses and into the streets together, our united voice can make a difference. Your voice matters. So does mine. Especially about climate change, the issue that most affects our generation. So get out into the streets and stand up for our future!​

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I feel it is my responsibility and my obligation to future generations and my generation to protect this earth." Kelsey Juliana
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​“This issue threatens our lives and our futures. I don’t know why we have to go to court and have to convince people of that so heavily.”  Kelsey Juliana

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​"Our lives and our futures are at stake if we do not protect our atmosphere so we can survive." Kelsey Juliana

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​"The whole point is to get people actively involved in helping stop climate change and aware of climate change." Kelsey Juliana

Teens to March Mothers Day for Climate Change Awareness

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Are you working on Eco-system restoration?