eshe sherley

18 Years Old,

Massachusetts Petitioner

"The legislature doesn’t understand why they need to make the change from thinking that we can use the resources of the Earth however we want, to understanding that they’re limited. So now we’re appealing to the judicial system the same way that civil rights leaders did." ~ Eshe Sherley
MY STORY. I am from Boston, Massachusetts, and I'm a systems thinker. I’ve spoken up for justice since I was 13 as a leader in the environmental club at my school, giving speeches and starting projects in my community

To me, climate change is a social justice issue. In our coastal cities, neighborhoods are threatened with sea level rise, our food systems are threatened and our economy suffers from an old fossil-fuel based system.  

My Concerns:

- sea level rise
- transportation
- food production
- social and environmental

We need the government to help change the systems that are causing the problem, by listening to a diversity of voices and ideas, including youth.  If adults listen with the intention of acting, to seek a comprehensive solution, I believe we can repair our climate system.

My name is Eshe, I am 18 years old, and I matter.





My Story Matters. Our Lives Connect.

I am in college now, but my film highlights snapshots of my life as a senior at Boston Latin School last year. My story includes talking about climate change as a social justice issue, and the problem of sea level rise for coastal cities. I also highlight the need for good public transportation, and the need for local food production. Watch it, share my story, and connect it to your own.

You can screen Eshe's video in your own community to start a discussion on the affects of climate change in urban areas, social justice, public transportation, and sea level rise. Using the screening guide below, and other resources, your community can become more aware of the climate crisis. And be inspired to do something about it.

Screening Guide Tell Your Story


I am a petitioner on legal action in Massachusetts to reduce carbon emissions.

You can initiate legal action in your state!
Along with my peers at Boston Latin School, I am a petitioner in a legal action with the EPA in Massachusetts.  The petition asks that greenhouse gas emissions be reduced by 6% per year until 2050 to get our atmosphere back to a sustainable 350 ppm rather than the 390+ we have now. 

Are you ready to do the same in your state?  Contact us.



This is Eshe with Massachusetts Representative McGovern in D.C. as part of the iMatter Youth Cimate Delegation in May 2012.​




I took leadership at my school to reduce CO2 Emissions.

You can too.
I was the President of Boston Latin School Youth CAN while I was in high school. We focused on many projects to reduce our own carbon emissions. After an energy audit, we initiated many projects, including reducing our hot water, replacing our auditorium lighting with CFL's, a lighting retrofit, recycling, planting a school garden, and installing a 28 panel photo-voltaic array on our roof. That project alone cut 8 metric tons of emissions! Our lighting projects cut emissions by 138 metric tons.


You can start projects like these at your own school and do your part to reduce your contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. Join the iMatter Youth Council to get started!

Here's a short video about our projects. 

Led a project to reduce emissions at school?