jaime lynn butler

12 Years Old, Arizona Plaintiff

"In the past, we could walk across the desert by going from spring to spring. Now, with the changing climate, our springs are running dry". ~

                                James Peshlakai, Jaime's grandfather.​

MY STORY.  I was born in Arizona of the Bitter Water Clan, with maternal grandfathers of the Red House Clan, and paternal grandfathers of the Towering House Clan, of the Navajo Tribe. I am a Navajo hoop dancer, and play basketball. My family had to move from our home and give away my pet horse because of the increasing temperatures in Arizona. The rainfall has been less and less each year and our small family garden has suffered. The drought and increased temperatures in Arizona may eliminate water my community relies on.

My Concerns:



water for my family
fear about my future
animals hurt by heat
extreme heat and drought
I also love animals, including eagles, which fly around my house sometimes. I used to have a horse, boarded by my grandfather, but hotter temperatures have increased the cost for feed so we had to let him go.  I miss him.
My name is Jaime Lynn Butler and I matter.







I share my story to inspire people.

Watch my video and share your story.

My video is about my story living in the desert and how it is getting hotter and hotter, and our water is disappearing. Drought is a problem that will affect us all if nothing is done to stop climate change.

You can screen Jaime's video in your own community to start a discussion on climate change, drought, water issues, and weather changes. Using the screening guide below, and other resources available, your community can become more aware of the climate crisis. And empowered to do something about it!

Screening Guide Tell Your Story

Jaime's story is one of nine short films about young people across the U.S. who have been affected by climate change. This film series helps to put a human face on climate change to let people know this is about our future survival.


I started a petition to get the President to listen.

Please sign my Petition to get the president to create a plan to protect our future.

The climate crisis is an emergency for ours and future generations. If we can get the President to sit down with us and LISTEN to our fears and to scientists, I know we can give him courage to be a strong leader and stand up for us to put limits on greenhouse gas emissions.


We need him to lead a climate summit to prioritize. Join us by signing my Petition. Thanks!
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I write letters to the President...and he answers me.

Join me to ask for a Climate Recovery Plan that reduces emissions for our future.

I have been writing to President Obama for the past few years about animal extinction and the oil spill. He wrote me back too. 
I write to President Obama once a month to request his assistance for things I think are important. I walked as an activist to the Navajo Nation's capital in hopes of saving water rights of the Navajo people. I have also marched to protest the use of reclaimed water to produce artificial snow at San Francisco Peaks.


Join Jaime in writing to President Obama about how you feel about the climate crisis. If the President's office gets thousands of letters from us, they can't keep ignoring us. We need him to create a Climate Recovery Plan to reduce emissions..

Send your letters for President Obama here!

We will deliver all of the letters in one giant box.  Win an trip to Washington DC.  Details about contest on this page too!


I brought legal action against the State of Arizona.

What is your state doing to protect the atmosphere?

In 2011, I became a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the State of Arizona, asking the court to rule that the atmosphere is part of the public trust, and that my government has an obligation to protect it. The case was dismissed, but we appealed to the next court and are waiting for what will happen next.


You can get involved by filing your own legal action if there has not been an action filed yet. For more information, contact us to become a plaintiff in your state.
Opening Appellate Brief Download My Lawsuit

Jaime's Press Links

"The earth is part of us, like our own body…so shouldn’t we do everything we can to save ourselves, our Mother Earth?” ~ Jaime Lynn Butler

"Native American Youth Sues Governor Janice Brewer Over Failure to Combat Climate Change" Planetsave. February 23, 2012


 "I felt sad when we had to sell my horse William," she said.  "We couldn't take him because hauling water was too hard."  Jaime Lynn Butler

Earthkeeper Hero: Jaime Lynn Butler. MYHERO. November 15, 2012.


Kids are suffering from global warming – and they’re suing the government. Sundance Channel.​ April 3, 2012.


Government's Inaction Jeopardizes Her Generation's Future Well-Being. February 10, 2012. Azgreen Magazine.

105.1 The Mitch and Joe Show Podcast - Interview with Jaime Lynn Butler and attorney, Pete Frost. February 15, 2012.


Are you involved in any projects to conserve water?