glori dei filippone

14 Years Old, Iowa Plaintiff

“My generation and generations to come deserve to have a livable planet. The earth belongs to all of us; it is a public trust.”  -Glori

MY STORY.  I live in Des Moines, Iowa.  I have been concerned about the health of the environment since I was eight years old and could no longer swim in my local lake because of bacteria levels. When I was eleven, I saw another lake polluted, with the fish floating on top of the water instead of swimming through it.  

I am suing the government to require action so that the environment remains usable for me and my entire generation. I became a petitioner on the Petition for Rule Making in Iowa when I was 13, and asked the state government to reduce CO2 emissions. I presented my petition to the Board of Commissioners at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Unfortunately, the board was not​ impressed with my petition and I​ was criticized for being a vegetarian. ​But, the experience has empowered me.​

When I was in fifth grade, I ran for class president.  My entire campaign focused on making my school and fellow classmates more environmentally conscious.

We need to take care of the environment because, when we look up into the sky, we all look at the same sky.  And if we hurt the environment, we hurt all of us. And, we hurt nobody more than the youngest generation.

My name is Glori, I am 14 years old, and I matter.

My Concerns:

Meat production
Water issues
My future





 I discovered that my story has power to bring change. 

Watch My Video and Tell YourStory.
My story is about my life in Des Moines, Iowa, where I have seen the harmful effects of climate change to our waterways and fish, and the hazardous effects of meat production on our climate.


You can screen Glori's video in your own community to start a discussion on climate change, and the contributing factors of meat production and food transportation. Community impacts include flooding and local food production. Using the screening guide below, and other resources, your community can become more aware of the climate crisis. And do something about it.

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I took legal action against the state of Iowa.

Take Action in Your State.
I filed a Petition for Rulemaking with the Department of Air Quality in the State of Iowa in 2011, asking them to reduce carbon emissions. The Department dismissed my Petition and ridiculed me for it. I have responded by filing a lawsuit in District Court of Iowa, who upheld the DAQ dismissal. Now Glori, and her attorney, have appealed to the Iowa Supreme Court, asking them to determine that the atmosphere is part of the public trust and deserves protection.

Do you want to take legal action in your own state?  Join the iMatter Youth Council and let us know!  You can help hold your government accountable to the public trust doctrine that protects the atmosphere as a public resource.

​Glori and her attorney, Chandler Dutton, deliver their lawsuit to the Iowa Supreme Court on May 1, 2012.

​Glori's Op-Ed/Blog

by Glori dei Filappone

Do you want to take Do you want to take legal action in your own state?  Join the iMatter Youth Council and let us know!  You can help hold your government accountable to the public trust doctrine that protects the atmosphere as a public resource.

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I chose to stop eating meat.

What commitment will you make to be free from fossil fuels?

I first stopped eating meat because I didn't think it was necessary to kill animals for consumption. I continue to be a vegetarian because I know it is one of the worst contributors to the climate crisis.

37% of the world's methane emissions are from cows and other livestock. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas. Studies have shown that livestock and meat production accounts for just over HALF of all greenhouse gas emissions!

It doesn't work to try to force other people to eat like I do.  But it does help to get involved with local, organic farms, community gardens, and farmer's markets.  I volunteer every week at our local farmer's market.  It's I know I'm helping people making healthy choices that will help the planet.


 I Declare My Independence from Fossil Fuels
​Sign the Declaration of Independence from Fossil Fuels and make a pledge to make the difference by eating less meat and advocating for local food sources.  (Or whichever action you feel passionate about taking!)
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Glori's Press Links

“My generation and generations to come deserve to have a livable planet. The earth belongs to all of us; it is a public trust.” Glori dei Filippone

Here's my presentation to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources on June 22, 2011. The DNR denied our petition, so I filed legal action against the State of Iowa.
Here's I gave a TEDx talk where I explained why I felt I needed to sue the state of Iowa for failing to protect my generation from climate change.  TEDxYouth@DesMoines

"Glori vs The State of Iowa"

April 19, 2012

Meet a speaker: Glori Dei Filippone, 13. April 15, 2012. Des Moines Register​ ​“The generations before us … just kind of thought of the world as limitless." Glori dei Filippone.

The young and the restless: Kids sue government over climate change, December 9, 2011, Grist

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