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I want to show that normal people actually can make a difference. We actually can take hold of our future and lead it in a different direction."  

Annemarie Manley, 13

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Behind every amazing youth leader

is a dedicated mentor mom, teacher, dad, friend.  This is truly an intergenerational movement.  Change will take all of us working together.

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We believe that even a small group of dedicated, passionate, educated young leaders is the best chance we have to make a difference with climate change. The status quo is holding on too strongly to The Way Things Are because our whole society is dependent on fossil fuels.  It's too easy to be in denial and to focus on our own selfish interests.

But young people, who will be most affected by climate change, and therefore speak with moral authority, have the power to awaken our society to THINK, LIVE, and ACT as if our future matters.​



Change the Way We


Calling All Youth Passionate About Protecting the Planet:


"The change needed will take more than riding bikes and changing lightbulbs. We know what really needs to change is our way of thinking.  We need a society that values nature and future generations more than profits and convenience."  Alec Loorz

Alec has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people, challenging them to question their assumptions and "The Way Things Are" in order to imagine a future where we do not threaten the lives and wellbeing of our children just to maintain our addiction to fossil fuels.

Young people have the MORAL AUTHORITY to call our worldview into question.  iMatter Youth Council members are given the tools, trainings, opportunities, and platforms to tell their own stories and ignite a shift in thinking in their own communities.

Sample presentation, developed by Youth Activist Alec Loorz.   iMatter Youth Council members adapt his presentation and develop their own stories and voice to call for change in their own communities.  




Change the Way We


Leadership by Actually
Living as if Our Future Matters
To live in a new way means looking deeply at what it means to be human today. To preserve our ecosystems, species diversity, natural resources, food sources, and our survival, means living in a way that values the Earth and future generations more than it values a bottom line of profit and convenience.

Living in a new way values our neighbor, whether they live down the block or across the we globe. We are connected, and what we do in our own lives, what we buy, what we think about, what we do, affects us all.


iMatter Youth Council members are committed to a lifestyle that reflects the new way we know our society needs to live.  Sometimes youth leaders organize projects in their communities like planting community gardens and ​selling the produce at local farmer's markets.  Or collecting trash along the highway and making sure the plastics don't end up in the ocean by recycling them.  

Join the iMatter Youth Council and connect with a others across the world to learn about cool projects you may want to replicate in your own community to  that awakens your community to the reality that we need to not just TALK about changes, but actually begin to LIVE as if our future matters.    

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Get People to 

As passionate young people hear the call and stand up with their own stories and empowered voices, a reversed domino affect happens. They empower more to stand up. And compel our leaders to take action.

Once you begin to live in a new way, awakened to the reality that our futures are actually at stake, it becomes clear that we need to get others to take action.  We MUST think and live in new ways, but we NEED our governments to stand up for us as well and basically force the status quo to change rapidly.

iMatter Youth Council leaders organize marches, meet with government leaders, are interviewed by the media and called to speak on panels with other experts.  You wanna join us?

iMatter Youth Council leaders can sign on to file legal actions against the government for failing to protect the atmosphere for their future.  Find out about the iMatter Lawsuits.

iMatter Youth Council leaders lead marches in their communities to raise awareness and support for a sustainable and just climate policies.  Sign up on the Map to Lead a March

iMatter Youth Council leaders meet with their local and national leaders to educate them on the reality that the climate crisis is about our future.  More about Educate Congress.


Meet Some of the

iMYC Members

Garrett and Grant Serrels, age 17, Virginia


"Solving climate change is the most important issue for our generation. As peacebuilders, preventing a climate crisis is also preventing violent conflict over resources. We need all of us to initiate change this big: individuals, businesses, governments. And we must do it now."

Jenna Farineau, age 16, Kentucky

"It’s important to raise awareness, especially with issues so controversial as climate change, and it’s even more important to march in solidarity with your community. It all starts out small, and builds and builds in creation of something much larger, which goes hand in hand with the statement that although one persons voice may be like a whisper, combined voices can create a roar, and that's why it's so important to come together to speak out."

​Rachel Frizell, age 14, New York

"I live in New York City and have experienced summers getting hotter, and now the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. I am fearful for my future if global warming continues. I'm doing what I can to help stop climate change for my generation, animals, and living things that will have to face the consequences global warming. PEOPLE, working with our government leaders, need to lead the way to reducing carbon emissions and restoring our wild places. I think the next President should commit to a plan to stop climate change"

Alex Hunter Nickels, age 17, Virginia
"I see a change in the vision of developed, industrial, agricultural humans. A change to a vision in which we are not more important than any other element of nature, a vision in which we work with the Earth, instead of against it!  can see us stopping to really think about our resources, stopping to really think about our major problems as a species. I can see us educating our children about the importance of the world beyond human civilization. I can see us move beyond trying to own and use the world around us and instead living with it."
​Mina Arasteh, age 17, California


​"I do not want to live my life in fear and frustration over the consequences of what could and should have been done but was not. I'm upset with the government's selfish and ignorant behavior regarding climate change. I wish to be free of this burden of impending catastrophe, but unfortunately the actions of past generations have and are making this wish appear more like a fantasy than a reality. Action must be taken; it must be taken now, and it must be taken by those most affected by climate change: the youth."

Annemarie Manley, age 13, Texas
"I want to show people why Global Warming is a problem. I want to spread awareness of the future of mankind, the future of the world. Our future. I want to help people understand that Global Warming is a problem, and that humans are doing things that are problematic. But that’s not the only thing I want to show. I want to show that normal people actually can make a difference."

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Hallie Turner, age 10, North Carolina
"If everyone on Earth was conscious about what they did to the environment, things like climate change wouldn’t exist. People should recycle and depend extremely less on oil and natural gas. That is my vision for the world."