Youth Take Their Cause to the Streets:

My Future Matters!

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The Future We Want will not happen naturally.  It is going to take government action, business commitment, technology innovation and a revolutionary mindset and lifestyle shift.  At the center of the shift is a passionate core of courageous activists who are willing to stand up for their generation and all those to follow. That would!

Alec Loorz started Kids vs. Global Warmng when he was 12 years old  because he felt called to do something to stop global warming. He realized that the youth  have the moral authority to demand change.



Skip ahead a few years, when Alec and his mom and other young activists decided to organize marches to stand up with a unified voice to demand action.

We, as the youngest generation, will continue to march and become leaders in our communities to remind people what's at stake:  our survival, and the survival of thousands of species.  Sign up to lead a march to remind our leaders over and over again, in a unified voice:  WE MATTER!


Sign Up to Lead a MARCH in your community.

180 cities.

45 countries

50,000+ youth

marched last year.  
Next year?  a million!

Last year, groups of youth and those who love them (like Ted Turner and James Hansen in the photos above) marched for our future.  Join us this year.


Build Your Team

Friends, Parents, Teachers, Supporters

First, build a team.  Begin with your friends and recruit some sympathetic adults to help open doors.  Then, reach out to your school, other schools, churches, Sierra Clubs, supporters and anyone else who will listen.   

Start meeting.  Don't freak out.  It doesn't have to be a stresser.  Instruction guide provided below.  :)  If you like public speaking, sign up to be a member of the iMatter Youth Council to give presentations and recruit marchers. 

Marching Dates ?

The iMatter March is in the throes of change. While we don't have plans at this time for another national/international march, anyone is welcome at any time to plan one! Check out our resources to plan and organize an iMatter March in your community - no matter how small or how big. Get your walking shoes out, grab some friends, get the word out, and march. Because Our Future Matters! 


ALSO, we will be releasing resources for the iMatter Pole Project very soon! This project will add more oomph to your marches with a hand-on, concrete object to leave behind for your community. Alec put up SLAP (Sea Level Awareness Project) poles in Ventura, CA in 2008, and more  poles have been put up along coastlines since then. Now anyone will be able to put up a pole, no matter where they live, So stay tuned!



SLAP pole

download handbook to get started

Great March for Climate Action


In the meantime, we are partnering with The Great March for Climate Action, an ambitious march across the U.S. from California to Washington, D.C. to raise awareness and meet with people along the way to talk about climate change and the need for a changed society. The kick-off from Los Angeles is March 1, 2014. You can sign up here.and be part of making history!



Your Stuff


Posters, Flyers, Banners, TeeShirts

Print some posters, hand out postcards, make your signs and banners, order your iMatter tee-shirts. 

 Use a meeting or two to make stuff like posters and marching signs.  Some resources included here, but you can totally make your own.  Is fracking a big issue in your town?  Than go for messaging around that?  Are you along the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline? Then make signs about that. 

download stuff to get started

Spread the Word


Recruit, Reach Out, Raise Awareness

Your Story is the Best Way to Raise Awareness 

Begin Your story about why this is so important is powerful.  It can change hearts and mobilize your peers, parents, politicians, and get media coverage for your march.  Begin by joining the iMatter Youth Council and training to give presentations and speeches, doing media interviews and stuff like that.  We provide talking points, but the most important part of the story is YOU.



Why Bother Marching?

Meet Some of the Past iMatter Organizers

Videos from a few of the hundreds of marches:
iMatter March in Denver, Colorado
iMatter March in Mexico City, Mexico
iMatter March in Dhaka, Bangladesh
iMatter March in Paterson, NJ
Bangkok, Thailand promotes their iMatter march in a hilarious way
iMatter March in Ghana, Africa
iMatter March in Kakinada, India
iMatter March in San Francisco, CA
iMatter March in Columbia, South Carolina
iMatter March in Salt Lake City, Utah
iMatter March in Salt Lake City, Utah
Fox News covers the iMatter March in San Diego, California
iMatter March in New South Wales, Australia
iMatter March in Munchen, Germany
iMatter March in New South Wales, Australia
iMatter March in Washington DC