hallie turner

10 years old, iMatter Youth Council

"I't is our obligation to work as hard as we can to fix that problem by fighting global warming. If we destroy this Earth, we won't get a second chance.​  - Hallie.
"My name is HallieTurner and I live in Raleigh, North Carolina. I first became interested in climate change when I was in fourth grade. I read the adapted kids version of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth". What I read really angered, scared, and surprised me. The book really opened my eyes to how serious climate change is, and I immediately wanted to get involved somehow.
       First, though, I needed to learn more. Using my local library and the internet, I soon found out even more about climate change. I was still really appalled at how huge an issue this was but how few people knew about it or  believed it even existed!!!!! I looked for more ways to get involved, but still found nothing for kids like me to do. 

      My mom told me about a plan for an oil pipeline called the Keystone XL. It would carry tar sands (the dirtiest fossil fuel) from Alberta, CA, through the middle of the US, and finally end in Texas. It is up to President Obama to approve it or disapprove it.  There was a protest organized by Bill McKibben   



in front of the White House, telling the President to say no to TransCanada. My grandparents had been arrested earlier that week for the civil-disobedience protest, and they invited me to come watch the last day of it. There were lots of people holding signs, and a woman with a megaphone who started chants about standing up for our future. It was a really amazing experience, how there were these people that were calmly and peacefully LETTING themselves be arrested, just to show how they felt about climate change and the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

      From that point on, I realized how powerful civil disobedience and speaking up for your future can be. But now that I was back in North Carolina, there wasn't any way to really DO SOMETHING other than turning off lights and riding my bike to school every day. So I was pretty excited when my mom told me about the iMatter Youth Council. HERE is a chance for me to really be part of something! So, I became a part of iMatter.




My name is Hallie Turner, I am 10 years old and I matter.

My Concerns

Severe Storms
Sea Level Rise
Animal Extinction





I started by telling my story.

How do you feel about the climate crisis?
I like to write, and have written several blogs for the iMatter network (you can read them here). I believe climate change is the most important issue of my generation because my children, and my children's children, could grow up in a world where extreme droughts and hurricanes are normal; where polar bears, harp seals, and penguins are extinct; and North Carolina's coastline looks totally different because the West Antarctic ice shelf has melted.
    The USA emits 30.3% of all greenhouse gas pollution in the world. That's more greenhouse gas pollution than South America (3.8 %), Africa (2.5%), the Middle East (2.6%), Australia (1.1%), and Asia (12.2%) COMBINED! Therefore, as Americans, it is our obligation to work as hard as we can to fix that problem by fighting global warming. If we destroy this Earth, we won't get a second chance.
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I asked my Mayor to support a Presidential Climate Summit.

                                                    (and she did!) Your mayor needs to hear from you too.
  I recently met with Mayor Nancy McFarlane in Raleigh, NC, to ask her to support the proposed Presidential Summit.  During my meeting, I told Mayor McFarlane about what the Climate Summit would be, how youth will be involved, and the two things I wanted her to do. I showed her the list of other governors, mayors, and civic and business leaders who had already signed a letter of support. She was impressed by the length of the list! She thought it was cool that youth are involved, and immediately agreed to sign her own version of a letter supporting the Summit.

​     ​I am really happy that my Mayor cares about my future and this issue.  I hope that more mayors join the list and that other kids like me will make their voices heard. The youth of this nation need our leaders to stand up for us and to take action to protect our future from climate change!

​     No matter how old you are, you can contact your own mayor to talk about the importance of taking leadership on climate change. Join me to get our leaders to stand up for us!



You can help by asking your mayor to sign the petition supporting a Presidential Climate Summit this year!


I want to meet with my Mayor


I am leading an iMatter March on September 28, 2013.

Please march with me in your community.
I will be organizing a march in Raleigh, North Carolina, and you can organize one where you live. It's not hard, and it's a great way to build a team of supporters, as well as a way to let your community know that the climate crisis is real, it's about our future, and we must take action NOW to protect it.


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Join Hallie, and the iMatter network of activists, to demand that our governments

create plans of action  to stop global warming!