alec loorz

18 years old

Federal Plaintiff

Founder, Kids vs Global Warming


MY STORY.   I’ve spent my entire teenaged life as a climate change activist, teaching my peers about the natural imbalances caused by our burning of fossil fuels, and calling for a youth movement to call out and solve these problems.

      I feel scared about the thought of growing up in a world where hurricanes as big as Katrina are normal; floods, droughts, and wildfires ravage homes and communities; ice melt is causing the sea level to rise and displace millions of people, and species I’ve come to know are going extinct.


      My generation is dealing with the disastrous consequences of fossil fuel use. I know this personally. I grew up in a smoggy area of Los Angeles and because of that I now have very bad asthma, like many of my peers.



​​     I almost feel betrayed by the ruling generation and those in power, for caring more about money and power than my health and survival, and the health and survival of my entire generation. Our atmosphere is not simply a garbage can to hold the waste of the fossil fuel industry. It is a very delicate system.
My name is Alec, I am 17 years old, and I matter.

After I learned about the crisis facing my generation, I knew I had to do something about it....


Figure It Out.

Find out for yourself. 

After I began to get push-back from people who didn't understand that the climate crisis was threatening our future, I knew I needed to know more than what I learned from Al Gore's movie.  So I began to do research on the internet.  A lot of scientific papers can be found online.  And I got books and then I began to meet with scientists who did direct research and with politicians who understand how difficult it is to bring change when fossil fuel companies are pouring so much money into inaction. I talked to young people all over the country who are already making a difference, and engineers who are creating new technologies to break our addiction to fossil fuels.  It's amazing how open people are to the curiosity of young people.  They know how important our role is in this transition.


Speak Up.

Your authentic passion can open doors 

After I saw An Inconvenient Truth, I was freaked out about what was happening...and was infuriated that there were people who were preventing action. I applied to be trained by Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project, but they told me I was too young.  So I went ahead and made my own presentation and began to give them in schools throughout California.  By the time I was 14, I was trained by Mr Gore but I kept most of my presentation because I discovered my own voice and a way of communicating to my peers from the perspective of people in my generation.  I've been given lots of opportunities, but when I got started, I didn't have anything.  I had no money, no connections, no idea how to do this.  I just felt this passion to reach people with a message that I felt needed to get out.  And the doors opened.  You can do the same thing.  Look inside yourself and discover your passion and then make a commitment to DO SOMETHING....and see what a difference you can make.  

Keynotes and Speeches

Alec has keynoted hundreds of conferences and events throughout his teenage life.  Here is a selection of a few of his speeches:

We Will Be Impossible to Ignore. 

Bioneers, October 2010.​

Common Sense for a New Generation. 

TEDxSan Diego, December 2011.​

The Sickness Underlying the Climate Crisis. 

Powershift Rocky Mountain, March 2012.​

We Need a Revolution. 

TEDxSanta Barbara, October 2010.​

Our Movements United for Change. 

OccupyLA, October 2011.​

Youth in Motion.

Institute of the Golden Gate, April 2009.​

Urgency in Our Activism.

TEDxRedmond, November 2010.​

We Must Change the Dream in the North to Save the Planet. Pachamama Alliance, November 2011
We Aren't on the Fringes Anymore. 

Worldlink Conference, February 2007.​

What We Need is Common Sense. 

AREday, August 2011.​

Sampling of Alec's Keynote Speeches



Bioneers Conference, San Rafael CA 13,000 attendees, 10/10

Global Issues Network, Jakarta Indonesia, 1000 students, 4/11

Alaskan Student Government Leaders, Cordova Alaska, 4/11

Festival of Faith, Louisville KY, 11/11

Pachamama Fundraiser Keynote, 11/11

Rancho la Puerta fundraiser, San Diego, 11/10

AREday, Aspen CO 08/09, 08/10, 08/11

TEDx Talks, Santa Barbara, Redmond, San Diego, 07/10, 10/10, 11/11

Powershift Rockies, Montana 10/11

RIO+20 Youth Congress, Rio de Janiero Brazil, 12/11



Worldlink Conference, San Diego (700 students) 1/08

Environmental Youth Conference, LA (5000+ students) 12/08

Turning the Tide Conference, Institue of Golden Gate, 4/09

UN World Information Transfer, NY 04/09

Repower America Rally, Pittsburgh (1000s union workers) 09/09

COP15 UNCCC convention, Copenhagen Denmark 12/09

National Council for Science and the Environment, DC, 1/010

Museum of Natural History, NYC 3/10

Earth Day Anniversary Event, National Mall DC, 4/10

Bloomberg LP Earth Day for employees, NY 4/10

Youth Environmental Conference, Los Angeles (10,000 students)

NASA Climate Day, Pasadena CA, 10/11

California Green Schools Summit, 2010



To Book Alec Loorz as a speaker at your event, please contact Alec's manager, Paul Bassis.  


Take Action.

Let's Make it Happen. 

I started Kids vs Global Warming when I was 13 because I couldn't find another organization that would take me seriously and help me with my vision to stop global warming within my lifetime. I know that sounds impossible, but I believe that we, as a generation, are called to be the ones to break through the politics and the denial and awaken our nation to the possibility that we can live and govern as if our future matters.  Our lives depend on it.

SLAP:  Sea Level Awareness Project


The first project I organized when I was in middle school was called SLAP, the Sea Level Awareness Project. It bothered me that nobody in my coastal town of Ventura, CA was really paying attention to the threats of climate change.  I came up with a way to make it more visible to people:  a series of nine foot poles along the coastline that shows people that we will be underwater if we do nothing about the climate crisis.  

     I worked with a group of about 50 of my fellow middle schoolers to design and install these poles along the beach and we met with the City of Ventura to get their cooperation.  The poles are still up today, five years later, and have helped the City Council to include sea level rise in their planning.   Now there are poles in several other cities as well, and one of the original poles can be seen at the Museum of Natural History in NYC.


If you live in a coastal community, you can install SLAP poles too.  Curriculum, designs, leader and student kits, and other resources available.  Contact us for info.

A video short about SLAP produced by Lynne Cherry

Download pole designs

Download our old media kit.

Download Teacher's Guide.

I sued the US Government to Protect Our Future


After a few years of speaking to hundreds of thousands of people, I began to get discouraged.  I knew the government needed to be more pro-active about limiting greenhouse gas emissions but the more I learned about Congress, the more I couldn't imagine that happening. 

     Then I met a woman named Mary Woods, a law professor from the University of Oregon, who had written about the reality that the government could be held accountable to create a comprehensive climate recovery plan because of the public trust doctrine.  This made sense!  So I met Julia Olson, visionary leader for Our Children's Trust, and became the lead plaintiff for a federal lawsuit.  And we recruited youth leaders from all across the nation to file suits in their states.  

    We will be pressuring President Obama to stop fighting us in court and start listening to us and to the scientists and begin creating a national plan to reduce emissions for our future.   More info about lawsuit and status.  


Why 16 Year-Old Alec Loorz is Suing the Government.

by Alec Loorz, age 16

As published in Good Magazine online.   

I am 16 years old.  This morning I filed a lawsuit againt the United States of America, for allowing money to be more powerful than the survival of my generation, and for making decisions that threaten our right to a safe and healthy planet.  Read More

On a quest.


I've been a climate activist for all of my teenage life  It's been an amazing journey.  I've been able to learn from top climate scientists from NASA and from humble shamans in the Amazon.   I've tried communicating the message that youth have the power to change the status quo through design, music, and pubic speaking.   I'm in university now, studying the basic issues of identity and transformation.  "What does it mean to be human?"   I believe that we, as a generation, can live up to the challenge to bring about the worldview transformation that is necessary to make the changes in our culture so that we really can live with compassion for the earth and for future generations.


Awards and Certificates of Honor

Alec's Press coverage is listed on our Press Page

Coretta Scott King ANGEL (Advancing Nonviolence through
Generations of Exceptional Leadership) Award, 2013
Brower Youth Award, 2009
Do Something Award, 2010
Action for Nature, International Young Heroes, 2008
Barron Prize for Young Heroes, 2010
Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions, Earth Charter Award, 2008
Ventura County Board of Supervisors Climate Action Award, 2009
Captain Planet Foundation Hero Award, 2010
Environmental Defense Center, Environmental Hero Award, 2009
National Wildlife Federation "Heroes of Nature" Award, 2011
Aquarium of the Pacific, "Young Hero Award", 2010
Your True Nature Award, 2011
ABC News7 Cool Kids Award, 2008
Lions Club Speaker First Place, 2009
Ventura County Leadership Academy, Emerging Leader of the Year, 2008
Community Environmental Council, Environmental Hero Award, 2009

Certificates of Honor from numerous local, state and federal officials including:  Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Congresspersons Lois Capps and Eldon Gallegley, Senators Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer, Former Vice-President Al Gore, Mayors Antonio Villagaigosa (LA), Gavin Newsom (SF), Tom Bates (Berkeley), Assemblypersons Pedro Nava, Julia Brownley, Cameron Smyth, Audra Stickland, California State Superintendent Jack O'Connell, California State Senators Tom McClintock.