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Kids vs Global Warming



Support team works with youth leaders in the Senate cafeteria.

iMatter was born from the creative activism of Alec Loorz and his mother Victoria Loorz in 2009. As a response to the growing interest of multitudes of youth wanting to get involved in Alec's work to stand up for their future, we began to strategize how to provide platforms and opportunities for the youth voice to be heard on the crisis that affects them most.

iMatter has grown, from its original community projects involving SLAP (Sea Level Awareness Project), and Alec's presentations, to global youth marches, national campaigns and legal actions.




Our work now includes youth leadership training and empowerment to address the climate crisis at all levels - through grassroots actions, judicial action, and legislative action.

Promoting living as if our future matters not as a tagline, but as a value system and a new way of life.


iMatter Mission:

Empower youth to become the voice

of the climate crisis so that our society wakes up and actually begins to

Live as if Our Future Matters.


that the revolution that is needed begins in the hearts, actions and voices of those most impacted by the crisis:  the youth.


to make the climate crisis REAL and relevant to every member of society by drawing attention to the reality that the futures of the youngest generation is at stake.


a single story of how the youngest generation is impacted by (and doing something about) the climate crisis through multiple characters and innovative transmedia storytelling to invite all youth into the story


action from the ruling generation through the power of the youth stories




transmedia communications, community engagement campaigns, leadership development programs to empower youth to speak up for their generation and ignite change in their worlds.


a world that lives as if their future matters and values nature and future generations more than profits and power.

This is how iMatter began.  A simple video made by a 13 year old boy who understood the link between the problem and the solution...and figured out how to communicate it.  

Staff and Stuff

Larry Kraft

Larry is the Executive Director of iMatter. He has managed in many different kinds of organizations, from startups to multi-billion dollar companies. A year and a half ago, Larry left his job and he, his wife, and two children set out on an environmentally focused yearlong trip around the world.

Find out more about Larry here.


Victoria Loorz

Victoria, Alec's mom, is the Campaign Director and co-Founder of the organization.  Also trained by The Climate Reality Project, she is devoted to creating space for kids to thrive as leaders.


Becky Chung



Becky is a youth council leader and works on iMatter marketing projects and social media platforms. She loves working to support the mission of empowering the youth of the US to take action. 

Find out more about Becky here.

Russell Greene

By day, Russell is a senior executive of The Cheesecake Factory Restaurants.  By night and weekends, he's a fire-breathing activist, dedicated to awakening society to the threats of global warming.  He is the most active Board Chair in America.


Alec Loorz

Alec started the organization when he was 13 after seeing An Inconvenient Truth.  He is now 18 and a student at Quest University in Squmish, BC.  

Find out more about Alec here.


Mina Arasteh

Mina has been an activist/leader in the iMatter Youtlh Council for several years. She is now 18, and a freshman at UC Davis majoring in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning. Most recently, Mina has helped draft a Green Purchasing section for her town's climate action plan, and worked with local city governments on a myriad of environmental actions, Her passionate work to mobilize her generation in the fight against fossil fuel manipulation give us all hope.


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