Bi-partisan.  Solutions-focused. President-led. Grassroots execution. 

2013 Climate Summit.

Proposal for Presidential Summit on Climate Solutions


Youth voices at center of campaign to give the President a platform to address Americans on climate.


Governors, Mayors, Businesses, Farmers, Faith Leaders, Youth, Retired Military Generals and other voices to President Obama:  Enhance our Economy, Increase National Security, Protect Our Children by putting climate solutions into action.


A unique coalitions of civil society groups urge the president to host a national summit to mobilize Americans to actually prepare for the impacts of climate change and reduce climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions.  

You can help make it happen!!


1. Let Americans hear directly from their President that climate disruption is now a top national priority and must be a top priority for all of us.

2. Inform Americans of actionable solutions they can put into place to prepare for and build resilience to climate impacts, and reduce GHG emissions, and their many benefits.

3. Establish a positive, uplifting, can-do atmosphere that energizes and mobilizes households, businesses, civic, faith and other communities to create comprehensive plans to reduce emissions and prepare for the unavoidable affects of climate disruption.

 "If Congress won't act soon to protect future generations, I will."

President Obama, State of the Union address, February 2013


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Steering Committee:

YOU can help the

Presidential Climate Summit

become a REALITY.


Sign this Letter Supporting a Summit.


Sign this Letter...

Then get your Mayor, your Dad, your Principal to Sign it too.

Signing petitions actually DO make a difference. In fact, in our meetings with the White House so far, they've actually ASKED us to build a coalition and show them how many people actually care about the climate crisis enough to make it a priority in our nation. it and, if  you agree that a summit that YOU can participate in will help awaken America to the reality that our futures are at stake and we need to get serious NOW about solutions.... then please sign it.

    And get everyone you know to sign it.  Friends, parents, teachers, and especially mayors and any elected officials.  There's info below that will help give you courage and direction for reaching out to your Mayors and Congresspeople.  They're OUR leaders and they need to hear YOUR voice.  


Ten year old iMatter Youth Council member, Hallie, from Raleigh NC, got her mayor to sign the letter.  Then her mayor recruited other mayors in the area to sign too!

Instructions and Tips Sample Mayor's Letter Sample Congress Letter


Join the Coalition

Join the Coalition

Youth, Family, School Organizations and Leaders Unite to Strategize how families and youth can best engage

iMatter is involved as a core Steering Committee member to ensure that the youth voice is heard in the process and the execution of both the national summit and the regional satellite meetings.  

We are also building a strong coalition of youth, mom, grandparent, school organizations to work together to provide opportunities for the youngest generation -- and those who love and work with them -- to impact the solution strategy sessions and beyond.

Join us if you represent an organization in the youth, mom, grandparent, father, school sector by:

1.  Sign the letter above.
2.  Write to
3.  Join the Youth and Family Engagement Coalition Steering Committee




Will Steger Foundation
Climate Parents
Harvard University
Climate Change is Elementary
Lane Community College
Seattle Preparatory School
Center for Environmental Eduction
US National Deaf Swim Team
George Washington University
George Mason  University
Marian University
Global Warming Education Network
California Student Sustainability Coalition
Macalester College
New Jersey Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability
Paradise Valley Commuinty College
Community College of Vermont
Southern Maine Community College
University of Oregon
Antioch University
People for a Healthy Environment
Peaceful Uprising
Iowa State University
Oregon State University
Corvallis Raging Grannies
Hobart and William Smith
St Mary's College
Lansing Community College
Parsons School of Design
Tufts university
New Rochelle High School
Verona Area School District, WI
Madison Public Schools
UW Madison
Western State Colorado University
New Mexico State University
Poudre School District
Lowville Academy
Beaverton Schools
Sidwell Friends School
Cabrillo University
University of WI, Madison
Our Children's Trust



Youth, Family and School Endorsers from:
Kids vs Global Warming
Climate Mamas
Alliance for Climate Education
Captain Planet Foundation
Mom's Clean Air Force
Focus the Nation
100 Grannies for a Livable Future
iMatter Utah
Boston Latin School Youth Climate Action Network
One More Generation
Community to Community Development
Bard College 
Duluth/Superior Grandmothers for Peace
Williamette University
Creighton University
University of Maryland
Gonzaga University 
Seattle University
Boston Public Schools
Purdue University
Georgia Tech University
Texas A&M University
Renssellaer Polytech
Moravian College
Howard University
St Louis University
Fort Lewis College
St Katherine University
Montclair State University
Cal Poly state
University of Ottowa
City University of NY
Chelsea School
Georgian Court University
West Linn Schools
Northern VA Community College
Denver Green School
IDEAS for Us
Gabrielno Environmental Science Club
Rutgers University
Martha's Vineyard Youth Leadership Initiative
Turning Point
Stone Soup Leadership Institute
Generation Waking Up
Grannies Peace Brigade
Big Green Purse
new organizations and schools added daily

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President Obama's "Lincoln Moment"

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