7 Things I Don’t Want to Lose to Climate Change

  1. Mountains – The Santa Monica mountain range, San Gabriel mountain range, all the mountain ranges! I live for hiking and mountaineering, and I can’t imagine a world in which I am unable to explore new mountains and natural areas.

2. Antarctica – As I head to Antarctica this March, I feel incredibly blessed and excited to experience the windiest, coldest, and one of the most beautiful places on the planet that few people get to see. But if we continue burning fossil fuels at the rate we are now, Antarctica and its ice sheets will be at risk as the region is already one of the fastest warming areas on the planet.

ice sheet

3. The future… for me, my friends, my family, my future family, and future generations! I want to keep exploring the planet with the people that I love and that is why I fight for climate justice.

4. Beaches – Sea level rise from glaciers and ice sheets melting are causing coastal cities and areas to face serious erosion and possible submersion. Having grown up in southern California, I have never lived more than thirty minutes from the beach and want to see beaches preserved for the future.

5. Coffee – Because of the impacts of climate change in tropical areas where coffee is grown, there have been huge drops of coffee production. I am in love with coffee and cafes and don’t want to envision a world without coffee.


6. Sequoia and Redwood Forests – With the amazing opportunity to backpack and work surrounded by Sequoia and Redwood trees, I fell in love immediately with the biodiversity in Northern California. Climate change, specifically droughts, threaten these giant trees.

7. Rainforests – My journey as an environmental activist started when I first saw the deforestation and the beauty in Costa Rican rainforests, which are currently threatened by droughts and decreased rainfall from climate change.

What are the things you don’t want to lose to climate change? Share your photos with the hashtag #iMatterNow, and get involved with iMatter’s campaign to end the climate crisis within our lifetimes.

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