5 Things I Dont Want to Lose to Climate Change

We love our earth. Our home. The environmental movement is as simple as that. When I think about all the things that I could lose due to climate change, I am heartbroken. That is why I wanted to share six things that I don’t want to lose to climate change, with the hope that you, reader, will feel compelled to share yours too.

1. Chocolate


Cacao beans grow best in hot climates; 20° North and South of the equator.  As the earth heats up from excess greenhouse gases, the current cacao bean habitats will become less and less suitable for growing, which means a future worldwide shortage of chocolate!! Chocoholics like me know that this will be when the true apocalypse begins.


2. My House


My house is 99 years old – built originally as a one-room schoolhouse in 1917. A couple years ago, when Hurricane Sandy struck, two pine trees almost crushed my beloved house, but thankfully, they both narrowly missed and grazed the sides. As natural disasters like Sandy become more and more frequent, the likelihood of our houses being harmed also increases.


3. Tree Hugging


Yes, it’s true, us environmentalists do hug trees. But the opportunity to embrace our siblings-in-symbiosis has become increasingly scarce due to deforestation. Why must we kill the beings that allow us to breathe?!?


4. The Island of Martha’s Vineyard


Every summer since I was four I have vacationed on the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard off the coast of Massachusetts. The Vineyard is my home away from home; my happy place. I love it as if it were a person. Which is why I am pained when I see with every passing summer, the water continues to creep up the shores and erode the cliffs, swallowing the earth and the wildlife.


5. Safety


As the dangerous effects of climate change escalate, I sincerely fear for my safety and the safety of my friends and family. Nature is a powerful force, and can be a force for good only if we treat it with respect.


What is your list of things that you don’t want to lose to climate change? Share it with @imatteryouth on Twitter using #myclimatelist

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